The Annual Coop Kids’ Variety Show is March 9th!

Come join the fun committee in celebrating the talented children representing the coop this year.

Types of acts include: piano, singing, guitar, drums cello, hip-hop-tap, trumpet, a skit, flute, magic tricks, modern dance and rock ‘n roll.

Performers in alphabetical order: Meaghan Accarino, Nadia and Sabine Benjamin, Lochlan Brooks, Vaughn Burgess, Tazha Chen, Cloe Amelia Dean, Ikhari Hinds, Skye James, Ruby Kahn, Mazal and Raven Karlick, Mikayla and Lukas Kennedy, William Lach, Lola and Roman Lafia, Zev Lane, Vaishali Lerner, Naomi Levy, Manuela Mares, Haley McAlpin, Luc and Leila Mieville, Ella Moriber, Jonah Murphy, Jordan Nass-deMause, Ellie Pike, Julian Raheb, Lara Saddique, Zoe Sloan, Eric and Margareta Stren, Lola and Emil Verhulst, Clementine and Graham Vonnegut, and Mia Weiss.

Location: Old First Church, Carroll St. & 7th Ave.                                       Admission: $10 adults, $5 kids 12-18, kids under 12 free! Refreshments will be for sale and non-members are welcome.


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